the vision

Our Future
What is our purpose as a Church in this community at this appointed time?
As your Pastor, my primary role is to help us come to a clear understanding of our identity and how we can best fulfill our purpose as the Churchof God.
The first thing we need to do is embrace our Pentecostal heritage. It can be traced to the upper room experience in Acts chapter 2, where God poured out His Holy Spirit on the early Church. We are not the only people of God, but we are an important part of what He is continuing to do since that time.
We, being the Body of Christ, need to tear down strongholds that Satan is using society to attack the Church with. Our culture demotes Christ and attempts to marginalize the role of the Church in denying the power of the Holy Spirit, by getting people to do their own thing with no regard to what God is saying to the body. There are those who are trying to divide the Body through cultural and racial differences. God's math is adding and multiplication, while Satan's is division and subtraction. The redemption of people, old and young alike, is at stake and God is calling us to stand in the gap. We must be willing to take some risk.
We must continually be in search of more effective ways to fulfill our calling of evangelizing our community. Our first priority is to be in a right relationship with God and to make Him known! We've got to do whatever it takes to "Win the Lost," no matter what the Cost!
The times in which we live provide us with the opportunity to seize and explore better ways to achieve our ministry objectives, within the bounds of God's Word. We must pay attention to what is happening around us in order to effect those we are ministering to. We must accept people and give them the opportunity to try new ideas with freedom to fail without losing credibility or feeling personal rejection.

Full Time Staff- My vision is to hire full time personnel as needed to fulfill this vision. Selected staff members will be a visionary, experienced, productive and called of God to be my personal armor bearers.
Involvement/ Commitment 
My dream is for more young adults to assume leadership roles within the Church. Utilizing the present generation to reach their generation is the key to Church growth. My ultimate desire is for every leader to be unswervingly dedicated to their task and committed to their responsibilities, completely sold out to God, the family and the vision of the Church. Each leader should be an example in character, prayer, Church attendance, stewardship and spirituality.

My vision is for the Church to use every viable means and method to minister to every generation within the Church. To maintain a balance in Spirit and Truth by preaching an uncompromised message and staying sensitive to the flow and direction of the Holy Spirit. To be acceptable of change as initiated by the Pastor and to embrace creative thinking rather than resist new ideas. I desire to maintain historical roots and be grateful for past accomplishments, but not to allow the past to dictate the future.

My Vision of Leadership 

  • I want our members to know that the Impact Community Church leadership will serve among them. I want them to know we are here to serve, not to be served.
  • I want us to be more interested in people work than in paperwork.
  • I want us to make room for a new generation of dreamers who are ready to step into the arena of leadership.
  • I want us to be willing to take some risks for the greater glory of God and understand that without risk, there is not progress.
  • I want us to be willing to empower others to become leaders.
  • I want our preoccupation to be sharing the vision, rather than maintaining our position.
  • I want us to engage many resources to fulfill ministry.
  • I want us to be leaders who are ready to support and trust one another.
Spiritual Vision/Maturity
My desire is for every member of our Church to grow spiritually. Paul states that their comes a time when we have to quit drinking the milk of the Word and start eating the meat. God's people must be capable of enduring reproof, rebuke, correction and instruction without falling out with each other. We must be accountable to one another as the family of God.
Spiritual Gifts
My vision is for every believer to have a biblical understanding of their God given gifts and for our Church body to identify it's gift mix. My dream is for every gift to be operating in the Church so that the Body will be edified. We've got to bear fruit and be fruitful for the Kingdom.
Holy Ghost Baptism
We are a Pentecostal Church. I encourage every member; black, white, young, old, male or female to receive the Baptism in the Holy Ghost. When we are saved, the Holy Spirit resides in every believer. I feel that the Holy Ghost longs for a deeper relationship than just residing. Paul describes this heavenly language in 1 Corinthians. 14:13-15
Wherefore let him that speaketh in an unknown tongue pray that he may interpret. [14] For if I pray in an unknown tongue, my spirit prayeth, but my understanding is unfruitful. [15] What is it then? I will pray with the spirit, and I will pray with the understanding also: I will sing with the spirit, and I will sing with the understanding also.
Church Membership
Church membership demonstrates that an individual believer is committed to the local Church. Although Church membership doesn't make one more spiritual, it does make one more available for service. Membership is a public commitment to all members of the local body and seals the vow of unity, togetherness and accountability.
Ministry Vision/ Every Member a Minister
My vision is for every member of the Church to occupy a ministry, not just fill a position. I feel that we are all called to minister in some way or another to build the Kingdomof God.
Men's and Women's Ministry
I have a desire to see these ministries become a vital and impacting influence upon the people who attend the Impact Community Church. My goal is to see these ministries meet monthly with a purpose and plan for ministry and outreach. These meetings can become a source of encouragement, edification and planning of future ministry initiatives.
Youth & Children's Ministry
I have a burning desire and passion in my heart for young people. I believe in creating a youth atmosphere to draw them to God's house and let them come as they are. Once they are here, we'll tell them about Jesus at their age level as God will transform their lives. We will have a strong youth program at Impact Community Church because teens and children are not just the Church of tomorrow, they're the Church of today.
Nursery ministry
I have a vision to operate a full time nursery during service hours. This ministry will play a vital role in changing the lives of our young families while attending the church.
Young Adult’s Ministry
I have a vision to see our young adults meeting regularly. This will give them a time of fellowship and an opportunity to strengthen one another in the areas they are confronted with.
Marriage Ministry
I have a vision to see all couples, whether married, engaged or even thinking about it, meeting regularly and finding out God’s view of marriage. This ministry will strengthen our marriages, our homes and help us discover love and marriage God’s Way.
Bread of Life Ministry
I have a vision for all local first time guests to receive a homemade loaf of bread at their doorstep the week following their visit. This ministry will show our guests that we love and appreciate them and want them to come back and get connected. This ministry will require "Baker’s" and "Taker’s."
Food Ministry
My vision is to have a food distribution ministry for those in need. God's Word tells us to feed those that are less fortunate and that is my heart's desire. Once a month we will give away food as we tell them that, " this will provide your physical hunger, but Jesus is the bread of life and He will provide your spiritual hunger."

Bus Ministry
My vision is to have a Church bus and Church van to go out and bring people to God's house. I want those that might not have a way of going to be able to come and hear about Jesus. We will bus children as well as adults in with this transportation.
Ministry Teams
Once the members recognize their gifts and callings, I desire for them to be released to minister. My burden is for ministry teams to be developed in the area of evangelism, healing, helps, drama and visitation. God wants the laity to have the liberty to use their spiritual gifts. I am not insecure nor intimidated when others move into ministry. In fact, it is a blessing to see the laity effectively minister to each other and going out to evangelize.
Every Member a Tither
The most talked about subject in God's Word was about money. The word "Give," is printed 811 times in the Bible. I know that God is looking for avenues to bless His people, if they would be obedient and give to God what is His. You will never be financially blessed in God's eyes if you don't tithe. God doesn't promise to bless the Christian, He does promise to bless the sower.
Intercessory Prayer
Prayer is the most vital ministry of the Church. It is simply talking to God. I want my Church to link together in prayer. I promote prayer meetings on a regular basis. I believe we can do all things through Christ who gives us strength, which comes from prayer. The Bible says in 2 Chronicles. 7:14 If My people, which are called by My name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.
New Facility
The vision God has given me will require us to expand. The facility that we are worshiping in now is our Youth and CE building. We are going to either have to build or relocate as this vision comes to pass.

My Covenant With The Church
I promise to be more than just a preacher. I am your Pastor. One that will watch over you and be there for you in the good times as well as the bad. As the Church body, we must seize the opportunity to take some risks for the future. Each of us must be prepared to do whatever is necessary to position our Church in the place where we can be most effectively used for the glory of God.
I want to covenant the following with you:
  • To do everything within my power to lead  Impact Community Church in spiritual renewal.
  • To be driven by the hope of an inward vision of what God wants for us, rather than being influenced by what appears to be popular.
  • To speak the truth and hear the truth.
  • To assure that all programs and promotions are based on scriptural principles.
  • To project a vision that moves us outside the walls of our local Church.
  • To recognize and celebrate diversity within the body and to see that everyone is equally valued, regardless of nationality, color or gender.
  • To make leadership decisions based on those who are most affected by the decisions.
  • To provide a sense of belonging to every person.
  • To make a choice for greatness rather than maintenance.
  • To stand shoulder- to- shoulder with everyone in ministry.

God is giving us the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of a progressive and far reaching ministry. As your pastor, I am here for you. God has sent me here to be your Shepherd and that's what I am. I will be responsible for keeping us focused on the target. My prayer is that God will continue to lead us to become everything that He has created us to be.

Thank you,
Pastor Donnie