Epicenter Student Ministries

by Austin Alyward
Welcome to the Epicenter!

Epicenter Student Ministries places itself as the heartbeat of what God is doing in this generation. Some students have called it electrifying, we just call it home. We meet every Wednesday night for a team of fun and fellowship at 4:30pm. We offer video games, board games, basketball, soccer, football and more. We even have a table designated for homework! At 5:30pm, our Hebrews Cafe opens. Our Cafe serves everything from mozzarella sticks and popcorn to bagel bites and candy bars. If offers a wide variety of Coke and Pepsi products.....and the best part is everything in the cafe costs $1.00. Our service begins at 6:45pm or as we say, "We go Live at 6:45!". We have a youth praise and worship band that is made up of student musicians and singers who help lead us into the presnece of God. We have a drama team that meets weekly and practices and who performs everything from skits to human videos. These teams perform EVERY WEDNESDAY!!!! We have other student teams as well, such as a video team that makes short films, commercials, and helps with video illustrations, a dance team that worships God through dance, a snapshot team that photos every service and keeps our Instagram account rolling, a creative team that paints and draws scenery pieces and other forms of artwork to use in the minstry, and we have an outreach team that goes and serves the church and community in different ways. Pastor Lloyd brings the word of God to the students in a relevant, humorous, and exciting way and offers prayer time and worship time at the end to any and all students. THIS ALL JUST HAPPENS ON WEDNESDAYS!  We also have movie nights, beach parties, outings, and costume nights where we have dressed up like super heroes, celebrities, and Disney characters! We are a judge free, loving freely, group. We offer an atmosphere of fun, friendship and freedom. We don't care where you came from, how you got here, or what you've done before you get here.........We are just stoked that you are here!